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Re: no-looping

hi aaron

is it true, that i'll get blind if i listen to load music in my room?
I play with several bands from r'n'roll over fusion to metal ( ... yes),
i make studio work for pop-music and hiphop/rap and i'm touring solo
with my dear bass & jamman ... and you know what: i'm not loosing
anything ... i'm still learning and growing!

... it's just music ... wellcome back to earth.

saludos, jesús

Aaron Schindler schrieb:

> I tried to play in a traditional (no-looping) band
> situation yesterday- and I realized I sort of forgot
> how. This is after having a DL4 for 2 months. How long
> does it take to completly lose touch and just stay
> locked in the attic with all your gear, never
> interfacing with "normal" humans again?
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