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Title: Re:
Come right on in, sit in the circle, we know you're nervous, you don't have to talk straight away, we all come into the group with different stories but in here, we're all the same.
Some of us, like you , are shy with our problem and have to make up stories about our managers subscribing us by mistake,
others of us are more immediately needy and burst into  sordid tales involving echoplex production delays and nightmares about  wiring up a dl4.Others deny their innermost fears and thoughts with long sidetracks into "your karma ran over my dogma" style pronouncements on Quantum Physics and the relevance of Ayn Rand.But the truth is we're all here together in this big sharing group, loopers, Max abusers, analog junkies, Stratocaster players , singers ,and we CARE.   

i to am a looper, and i'm very soyy for loosing it abou the emails it's just that i never new where these peaple got my address but like i said my better half who is also my "manager" thought it would be a good i dea to be on this list