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Found Sound Chain-Letter CD still available!

One more chance!

>Subject: Found Sound Chain-Letter CD now available!
>Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 20:55:50 PST
>Hi everyone!
>We just finished making a CD completely of Found Sounds (previously 
>media and recordings, sometimes including our own older recordings.
>The following artists, mostly from Loopers Delight, are included on this 
>Tim Nelson
>David Cooper Orton
>Josh Pyorre
>Raul Bonell Tomas
>Echovirus (aka Rob Switzer)
>Michael Klobuchar
>Superfluid (aka Morgan Hamilton Lang)
>Dennis Leas
>and myself (Matt Davignon)
>Come! Hear us all bark at the challenge of using no real instruments for 
>entire disc!
>You can download the entire (or just some - your choice) contents of the 
>or just get there the easy way by going to
>You can also order the disc for the unheard-of low price of $5 per disc. 
>(It's a full length disc if you were wondering). Contact me via e-mail if 
>you want one.
>Matt Davignon