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Maybe a neat Vortex trick?


Just had a brainwave, maybe its an old trick that I havent heard of, and
if so, does it work? if I just came up with it, and it works can we call
it Francotronics?
We all know about the synching possibilities of an edp, but how to
totally synchronise a Vortex to...say a drum loop/machine, so that if
you stopped playing on a looping register/patch the loop would stay
tight to the drumloop/machine that you were playing to.
After a while if you havent tapped the loop length EXACTLY right
(impossible) the loop WILL go out with the drum loop.So you could
continue to tap the beat with your foot to attempt to keep the loop with
the drumloop, well this don't work either, Ive tried, BUT WHAT IF  the
foot switch imput was...errr...switched by a silent loop (not routed to
the mixing desk) that is exactly the same length as the drum loop, and
has a "click" on the downbeat.  On the edp this can be achieved, because
the tap input can accept a audio signal to trigger it, I havent tried
with the Vortex yet if this would work, probably not, BUT if the
"audible click loop" was used to switch a relay type switch, would this
work? If it did then the Vortex would become ...oh like a million times
more useful to me. Its an awsome device for the frippy stuff (and a
whole lot more, but ambient isnt really my thang, more the opposite,
those crazy f***ed up sounds that some of the weirder patches can make
would really com into their own if they were tight with cool drums and

Just a thought, if anyones tried it, let me know how you got on, if not
then I'll try to suss it out myself ( Not really being a electronix
whizz, or an anything whizz actually)

MArk Francombe Red