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Re: dl4 = midi


preferred pieces for circuit bending are inexpensive kid's toys and beater
effects pedals--I treat my $250 pedals (especially the ones with chips) 
care and rarely probe their insides with alligator clips . . .

my Korg Octave pedal on the other hand . . .

drone on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tom Lambrecht

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Subject: Re: dl4 = midi

> Remember that pretty much everything that's going on in the DL4 is
> happening in the digital world, and the signal goes directly from the
> DAC to the output op amp, so, as interesting as Reed's 'anti-theory' is,
> I don't think you'll make much headway on this particular piece of gear.
> George
> Dan Koontz wrote:
> >
> > I heard about someone thinking about modifying a dl4. A suggestion I
> > would have is to try circuit-bending it.