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Re: Interesting...

Christine Bard wrote:

> I lost my first version of this reply, trying to read back on old 
> in case I was covering old trodden ground,  then deleted w/ no save.  
>But I
> still wanted to tell about my experience playing "Castor and Pollux" on 
> original Harry Partch instruments.   --Mostly because, inspired by the 
> response,  I'd like to add that I think it is the job of the composer to
> make the music reach the state that is referred to here.   (It's not a 
> that is often fulfilled, but the attempt should be made in earnest.)...

very cool post. thanks for sharing it :-).

i've been in love with that piece since i first heard it in high school!

lance g.

"once upon a time
there was a little boy
and he went outside."

-anonymous (from preface to 2nd edition of genesis of a music)