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Re: RE: Interesting...

> my main distinction about religion and mysticism (hey a loop, we're
back at the beginning!) is that religion is often (note the word
"often") dogmatic, it's based on hierarchy and a priest class handing
down a codified "truth"; mysticism can be (note the words "can be")
based on a personal and empirical search (i'm gonna get reamed for
this) for "truth" (or what have) you based on self examination. or
something, stig

It's interesting that the definition of the word agnostic denotes one
who is occluded from direct contact and experience of god. 

Gnostics on the other hand maintain that they indeed are capable of
direct contact with god and don't have to bow to the hierarchy of
bishops for their religious knowledge... these people were persecuted
by the church mercilessly...

Now wouldn't one then presume that the people who are religious,
devout, *and* follow the rules of succesion according to the Catholic
church are in truth of fact AGNOSTIC?

This IS a loooooop!