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RE: Interesting...

Hard to say really. The brain is a 3-pound universe all its own.
At least the universe is 'out there' for us to study, whereas the
study of the brain is a seriously recursive [like looping] and
unimaginably complex endeavor. Not uncrackable, but difficult, to
say the least.

** yeah . . . how big is the area of the brain? you say it weighs 3 pounds.
how many cubic inches?  how big is the universe? how much does it weigh?  
you actually believe that we know everything that exists or is going on out
there? rememebr when people didn;t know about black holes? think that
there's anything else like that out there? the brain is lot closer than 
there" for us to study . . . 

True, *some* scientists are religious, but most are either agnostic or
devote atheists like Carl Sagan and Einstein (despite his protests about
not believing that "God plays dice", in regards to Quantum Mechanics).

** some are atheists, some are not . . . whatever. the point is that some
people who deal with this aren't. so, the two impluses are not necessarily
exclusive of each other. (has any else ever thought that science became the
"religion" of the last 100 years or so? as people used to look to religion
for the answers, now people look to science, no matter how theoretical it