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"Loop" interacting with the rest of the music.

> I have noticed that playing loops manually (just playing a phrase over 
> over again) can be quite an experience, and certainly a different one to
> using a looping device. Sometimes, your fingers just take over, and you
> hear the "loop" interacting with the rest of the music.

YES!  this is called ''groove'''...i been playing the last 10 years in 
bands here in Bahia where the people really SWINGS, sometimes 7 hours of 
stop amazing grooves.I played  with the famous band named Timbalada and the
first Guettho Square band with 30 young swingy drumers for about four 
in 4 hour ''open reharsal'' every Sunday in front of 1500 people and i know
what you are talking about.This kind of band haven't got bass player.They
have bass drums (22'' and 24'' tuned D and G ) and the guitar (6th and 5th
strings mainly) interact in the with the bass drums providing the
Root...this forces you to play very ''tigth'' and your right hand must play
ALWAYS the same  pattern to death.
Check this kind of grove at my mp3 page if you want:
The name of the song it's Ponte Duvidosa . The song Na Sopa have Timbalada
style drums too.Good healt and enjoy it!