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Re: OT (or maybe not) National Endowment of the Arts...

 Subject:  NPR & PBS Funding
 On NPR's Morning Edition, Nina Totenberg reported that if the Supreme
 Court supports Congress to cut the budget of the National Endowment of
 the Arts, it is in effect the end of NEA. This situation creates great
 concerns about Congressional funding for creative arts in America, since
 NEA provides major support for NPR (National Public Radio), PBS (Public
 Broadcasting System), and numerous other creative and performing arts.
 If NEA is lost or weakened, our lives will be similarly diminished. In
 spite of the efforts of each station to reduce spending costs and
 streamline their services, some government officials believe that the
 funding currently going to these programs is too large a portion of
 funding for something which is seen as not worthwhile.
 Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal $1.12 per person
 per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts equals $.64 a year. A
 January 1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of Americans
 wish to keep funding for PBS, third only to national defense and law
 enforcement as the most valuable programs for federal funding.
 Please add your name to this list and forward it to friends that you
 believe are in favor of what this stands for. The full list will be
 forwarded to the President of the United States, the Vice President, and
 the Speaker of the House, whose office has in the past been the
 instigator of the action to cut funding to these worthwhile programs.
 This petition is being passed around the Internet. Please add your name
 to it so that funding can be maintained for the NEA, NPR, and PBS.
 Please keep the petition rolling. Do not reply to me. Sign your name and
 locale to the list and forward it to others to sign.  If you prefer not
 to, please send the list to the email address given below. This is being
 forwarded to numerous people at once to add their names to the petition.
 It won't matter if many people receive the same list, as the names are
 being managed.
 This is for anyone who thinks NPR and PBS deserve $1.12/year of their
 taxes. If you sign, please forward the list to others. If not, please
 don't kill it. If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc., signer
 of this petition, please forward a copy to:
 wein2688@blue.univnorthco.edu This way we can keep track of the lists
 and organize them. Forward this to everyone you know, and help us to
 keep these programs alive. Thank you.
 IMPORTANT NOTE: It is preferable that you COPY the entirety of this
 letter and then PASTE it into a NEW outgoing message, rather than simply
 forwarding it. In  your new outgoing message, add your name to the
 bottom of the list, then send it on. Or, if the option is available, do
 1. David Liberman, Sylva, NC
 2. Marie Harrison, Sylva, NC
 3. Randi Beckmann, Ithaca, NY
 4. Bill Wertheim, Mt. Vernon, NY
 5. Marlene Wertheim, Mt. Vernon, NY
 6. George Wertheim, San Francisco, CA.
 7. Linda Wertheim, San Francisco, CA
 8. Linda R. Semi, Walnut Creek, CA
 9. Margaret C. Forness, Pleasant Hill, CA
 10. Phillip D. Rubenstein, Syracuse, NY
 11. Timothy J. Connell, Madison, WI
 12. Stacia E. Jesner, Mt. Kisco, NY
 13. Jenna Schnuer, NYC, NY
 14. Julia Kohn, NY, NY
 15. Maria Sarro, NY, NY
 16. Evan Schwartz, Cliffside Park, NJ
 17. Pat Waters, Lakewood, CO
 19. Karen Tilton, Maquoketa, IA
 20. Kent Crawford
 21. Terry Dillon
 22. Gene Bechen, Coralville, IA
 23. Neal Schnoor, Kearney, NE
 24. Sam Zitek, Crete, NE
 25. Jay Kloecker
 26. Marilyn Godby, Papillion, NE
 27. Lucina Johnson
 28. Alfred Tom Johnson
 29. Tyler Corey Johnson
 30. A. Corey Limbach
 31. Paula Smith, Berkeley, CA
 32. Pat Quinn, Alameda, CA
 33. Andrea Quinn, Alameda, CA
 34. Jerry Hackett, Berkeley, CA
 35. Richard Hackett, NY
 36. Jeffrey Green, CA
 37. Phil Chernin, CA
 38. Sandra S. Bauer, CA
 39. Gregory LeVasseur, San Francisco, CA
 40. Keiko LeVasseur, San Francisco, CA
 41. Diego Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA
 42. David D. Berkowitz, Washington, DC
 43. Peter Glass, Bellevue, WA
 44. Mary Frances Rimpini, Kent, WA
 45. Mary Frances Stevens, Kirkland, WA
 46. Linda Grebmeier, Benicia, CA
 47. Lee Altman, Benicia, CA
 48. Jeffrey Gray, South Orange, NJ
 49. Ed Jones, Orange, NJ
 50. Daniel P. Jones, Glenside, PA
 51. Jenifer Goetz, State College, PA
 52. Arnold R. Post, Carrboro, NC
 53. Anna E. Post, Carrboro, NC
 54. Robert A. Post, Cape May, NJ
 55. Evelyn M. Post, Cape May, NJ
 56. Jay A. Sklaroff, Philadelphia, PA
 57. Harry M. Sklaroff, Washington, DC
 58. Susan E. Salmons, Washington, DC
 59. Dori Langevin, Silver Spring, MD
 60. Ted Langevin, Silver Spring, MD
 61. David Mercier, Easton, MD
 62. Phoebe Harding, Baltimore, MD
 63. Molly Rath, Baltimore, MD
 64. Terry O'Hara, Baltimore, MD
 65. Nina Wendt, Baltimore, MD
 66. Marilyn Clark, Baltimore, MD
 67. Cathy McKinney, Boone, NC
 68. Harold McKinney, Boone, NC
 69. Milena Garcia, Columbia, MD
 70. Timothy Morrison, Devore, CA
 71. Virginia S. Kallay Cleveland, OH
 72. Nancy Cleaveland, Atlanta, GA
 73. Cindy Lutenbacher, Decatur, GA
 74. Kaye Norton, Columbus, OH
 75. Elaine Haidt, Chapel Hill, NC
 76. Frank Church, Chapel Hill, NC
 77. Astrid R. Jarzembowski, Garrison, NY
 78. David Church, Garrison, NY
 79. Cathy Dillon, Old Greenwich, CT
 80. Michelle Woodward, Town of Mt.Pleasant, NY
 81. Catherine L. Josset, Brewster, NY
 82. Bill Philbrick, Crompond, NY
 83. Emile Menasch=BB, Mahopac, NY
 84. Amy Menasch=BB, Mahopac, NY
 85. Bette-Jane Crigger, Peekskill, NY
 86. Miriam Piven Cotler
 87. Cyndi Menegaz, Los Angeles, CA
 88. Linda Zale, Los Angeles, CA
 89. Phillip Kudelka, Woodland Hills, California
 90. Karl Schoenbaum, Woodland Hills, California
 91. Jennifer Bramscher, Malibu, CA
 92. Mindy Markman, Los Angeles, CA
 93. Bekki Misiorowski, Los Angeles, CA
 94. Robert A. Misiorowski, Los Angeles, CA
 95. Elise B. Misiorowski, Los Angeles, CA
 96. Andrea McShane, Los Angeles, CA
 97. Judith Shechter
 98. Gerald Shechter, Kansas City, Missouri
 99. Joyce Williams, Kansas City, MO
 100. Brad Harris, Kansas City, MO
 101. Ken Krusi, Silverdale, WA.
 102. Rus Shuler, Fort Mill, SC
 103. Stacy Hammond, Fort Mill, SC
 104. Sandy Whitaker, Charlotte, NC
 105. Neely Dodge, NY, NY
 106. E Schlosberg Boston, MA
 107. K. Caswell, Ivoryton, CT
 108. Jerome Russo, Pennington, NJ
 109. Sarah Caguiat Borthwick, Brooklyn, NY
 110. Carlos J. Caguiat,Saranac Lake, NY
 111. Rick Dennis, Saranac Lake,NY
 112. Claire M. Stahler, Lake Placid, NY
 113. Carolyn Curwen, Lowell, MA
 114. Alison E. Curwen, Ojai, CA
 115. William A. Curwen, Ojai, CA
 116. Rick Swan, Ojai, CA
 117. Sonia Nordenson, Ojai, CA
 118. Rebecca Plum, Ojai, CA
 119. Mike Wilkerson Santa Barbara, CA.
 120. Jose Zamora, Berkeley, CA
 121. Amber Smock, Berkeley, CA
 122. Kimberly Cunningham, Berkeley, CA.
 123. Margot Hanson, Berkeley, CA
 124. Sarah Church, Berkeley, CA
 125. David Caeser, Berkeley, ca
 126. Catherine Trimbur, Berkeley, CA
 127. Lori Durbin, Oakland, Ca.
 128. Bebo White, San Francisco, CA
 129. Bruce Erickson, San Carlos, CA
 130. Don Erickson, Chicago, IL
 131. D. McCannon, Evanston IL
 132. G. Militello, Chicago, IL
 133. D. Wilson, New York, New York
 134. Kathy Murphy, Champaign, IL
 135. Cara L. Day, Champaign, IL
 136. Ualtar G. O'Regan, San Francisco, CA
 137. John C. Lester, Berkeley, CA
 138. Sara Hensley, San Jose, CA
 139. Paul Olguin, Pacifica, CA
 140. Jill Gluck,, Los Angeles, CA
 141. Millicent Alexander, Los Angeles, CA
 142. Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Northridge, CA
 143. Sandra Brown, Sherman Oaks, CA
 144. Roland A. Childs, Los Angeles, CA
 145. Naomi Childs, Los Angeles, CA
 146. Ken Coleman. Santa Fe, NM
 147. John reynolds, Los Angeles CA
 148. Nathan Smith, Los Angeles, CA
 149. Gabriela Kohen, New York, NY
 150. Geoff Boehm, New York, NY
 151. Kermit Johns, New York NY
 152. Able Billheimer, New York NY
 153. Ann C. Horan, Summit, NJ
 154. Mary P. Lechevalier, Morrisville, VT
 155. Hubert A. Lechevalier, Morrisville, VT
 156. Marilyn J. Jordan, Huntington Station, NY
 157. Kay Bromberg, Roslyn Heights, NY
 158. Michael O'Neill, Wainscott, NY
 159. Janine Veto, NY
 160. Lysbeth A. Marigold, East Hampton, NY
 161. Adrienne Kitaeff, East Hampton, NY
 162. Kelly Patton Brook, Newcastle, Me
 163. Alexander Brook, Newcastle, Me
 164. Joanna Steichen, Montauk, NY
 165. Will Trinkle, Roanoke, VA
 166. Sheila Lobel, Hollis, NY
 167. Robert Werthman, Fairless Hills, PA
 168. L.A. Parks Daloz
 169. Sharon Daloz Parks
 170. John de Cuevas
 171. Bruce Baird Struminger, Ann Arbor, MI
 172. Leonadi Ward, La Crescenta,CA
 173. Tayria Ward, La Crescenta, CA
 174. Kurt Hoelting, Clinton, WA
 175. Sally Goodwin, Clinton, WA
 176. Ross Chapin, Langley, WA
 177. Linda Pruitt, Seattle, WA
 178. Jim Soules, Seattle, WA
 179. Joel Rogers, Seattle, WA
 180. Tom Darden, Seattle, WA
 181. Ellen Wallach, Seattle, WA
 182. Karen Lane, Seattle, WA
 183. Lynn Taylor, Mercer Island, WA
 184. Collin Tong, Seattle, WA
 185. Sara Robertson, Seattle,WA
 186. Namji Steinemann, New York, NY
 187. Grace Norman, New York, NY
 188. Rebecca Straus, New York, NY
 189. Gillian Tan, New York, NY
 190. Katherine Lynn, Somerville, MA
 191. Chris Herb, Madison, WI
 192. Kim Herb, Madison, WI
 193. Sarah Kilgour, Mogamimachi, Yamagata, Japan
 194. Wm. E. Kilgour, Madison, Wi
 195. Martha Kilgour, Madison, WI
 196. Audrey Kupferberg, Amsterdam, NY
 197. Rob Edelman, Amsterdam, NY
 198. Judith M Kass, New York, NY
 199. Milton Kass, New York, NY
 200. Jack Eichenbaum, Flushing, NY
 201. Lois M. Kahan, New York,NY
 202. Hal Temkin, Highland Park, IL
 203. Lois Sachs, Northfield, IL
 204. John Sachs, Northfield, IL
 205. Ellen Alter, Winnetka, IL
 206. Michael Alter, Winnetka, IL
 207. Margaret J. Tucker, Nashville, TN
 208. Jud Phillips, Nashville, TN
 209. Jane F. Osgerby, Nashville, TN
 210. Derek B. Petrella, Nashville, TN
 211. Kimberly M. Patterson, Wildwood Crest, NJ
 212 Katie M Arnold, Savannah, GA
 213. Matthew Arnold, Brooklyn NY
 214. April Lange, W. Barnstable, MA
 215. Ruth Benfield, Seattle, Wa
 216. William R. Benfield, Seattle, Wa
 217. Ashley Benfield, Seattle, Wa
 218. Morgan Benfield, Seattle, Wa
 219. Issen Powter, Gold Bar, WA
 220. Michael B. Plumb. Lynnwood, WA
 221. Norma L. Plumb, Lynnwood, WA
 222. Jonnee Denton, Bothell, WA
 223. Les Denton, Bothell, WA
 224. Susan Marett, Port Townsend, WA
 225. Robert Marett, Port Townsend, WA
 226. Patricia J. Yearian Port Townsend, WA
 227. Barbara Furlan, Seattle, WA
 228. Walt S. Dimick, Portland, OR
 229. Jennifer Meyers, Portland, OR
 230. Sarah Sameh, Portland, OR
 231. Eleanor Kittelson, St. Paul, MN
 232. Jan O'Donnell, Mpls, MN
 233. Rebecca Knittle, Saint Paul, MN
 234. Peggy A. Wiesenberg, Boston, MA
 235. Ann A. Fountain, Boston, MA
 236. Gio Gaynor, Boston,MA
 237. Lele Yu, Boston, MA
 238. Rebecca Ennen, Cambridge, MA
 239. Tova Goodman, Boston, MA
 240. Dana Simmons-Greco, Boston, MA
 241. Rory O'Connell, Boston, MA
 242. Debbie Moiles, Oxford, MA
 243. Barry Jones, Worcester, MA
 244. Bob Spera, Worcester, MA
 245. Linda Taylor, Sturbridge, MA
 246. Patricia J. Downe, Worcester, MA
 247. Carel Mulder, Worcester, MA
 248. Barbara Harris, Cambridge, MA
 249. Pamela Erdmann, Dublin,N.H.
 250. Russell M. Keith, Dublin, N. H.
 251. Ellen Balis, Cambridge, MA
 252. Doug McLeod, Cambridge, MA
 253. Susan Rubinroit, South Windsor CT
 254. Ken Edelston, Belfast, ME
 255. Susan Guthrie, Belfast, ME
 256. Heidi N. Brugger, Freedom, ME
 257. Patricia Clark, Unity, ME
 258. Peggy Gannon, Palmyra, ME
 259. Paul Lowe, Freeport, ME
 260. Barbara Wilmer, VA
 261. Ann Goette, VA
 262. Susan Morikawa, VA
 263. Kisti Beckwith, TX
 264. Nathan Beckwith, TX
 265. Michael Zeoli, TX
 266. Kirsten Singler, TX
 267.  Jane Johnson, TX
 268.  Diana Peyton, TX
 269. Tonya Edmond, St. Louis, MO
 270. Sally Haywood, St. Louis, MO
 271. Mary Jo Brauner, St. Louis, MO
 272.  Jim Herning, PhD, MSW--St. Louis, MO
 273.  Christie Huck, St. Louis, MO
 274. Wilson Powell, St. Louis, MO
 275. Connie Frisbee Houde
 276. Frank Houde
 277. Deb Cavanaugh, Albany, NY
 278. Marjorie Shaefer, Southfield, MI
 279. Blossom Kecskes,  St.Clair Shores, MI
 280. Jeanette Bezanson,  Madison Hts, MI
 281. Matthew Bezanson,  Madison Hts, MI
 282. Marlene Babb, Harper Woods, MI
 283. Linda Liddicoatt,  Harper Woods, MI
 284. Janet White, Oxford, MI
 285. Linda Lupo
 286. Karen Moran, Plymouth, MI
 287. David Drouillard, Carleton, MI
 288. Brian Philbin, Redondo Beach, CA
 289. Tom Nichols, La Habra, CA
 290. Janet Bratton, La Habra, CA
 291. Spencer Graves,   Brea, CA
 292. Jo Graves, Brea CA
 293. Jim Crowley, Oxnard CA
 294. Annelle Hazlett, Waimea, HI
 295. Chuck Graybill, Hiawatha, IA
 296. Norma Graybill, Hiawatha, IA
 297. Richard Carroll, Marion, IA
 298. Dorothy Carroll, Marion, IA
 299. Daniel W. Adams, Cedar Rapids, IA
 300. David W. Funk, Cedar Rapids, IA
 301. Michael E. Maas, Cedar Rapids, IA
 302. Gladyce M. Maas, Cedar Rapids, IA
 303.  Patty Ankrum, Mount Vernon, IA
 304.  Bill Reiter, Mount Vernon. IA