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Re: dl4 = midi

I'm definitely not the guy to say yes or no to such a proposition, since i
am definitely an end 'user'.  However, since Line6's POD, AX2 and (i
believe) the Flextone all have pretty good midi implementation, why would
they not include midi capability to the DL4 if it was so easy?
Furthermore, you're suggesting that it would be easy to MODIFY the unit?
Sounds kinda fishy to me...

For $250, my little green box works just fine...


At 05:33 PM 3/9/00 PST, you wrote:
>loopers !
>i don't know if anyone did or not talked about the idea of modifying
>the dl4, but it sure sounds like a danm good idea.
>two main reasones:
>just before reading that please forgive me for my poor level and
>knoowledge in electronics...(i am doing my best thugh to keep up with
>the fact that the unit has so many tweekning and tweazing
>possibilites and also 3 presets and a tap makes a bit of a conflict...
>assuming the optimal situation in which you can take the maximum
>advantage of the unit's flexabiliety ;
>a. the units on the flore
>it seems like the 1 expression pedal output is limiting,so you can't
>make small adjustment while playing but us the pedal like you use the
>b. or it's on a table so in order to tweek,you must stop stop playing.
>2.midi clock both in loop and delay mode
>basicly we're just talking about converting swiches and potentiometers
>to midi,shouldnt be so hard ...
>for the quality of the delay and other effects it may be interesting
>to go even further and assign different alogarithem to control
>velocities and other characters normaly being tweeked.
>i think about a kind of seperated midi agent device that converts
>midi clock to on\off and alogarithems\signals to level (potentiometers)
>controls all these units.
>anyways, since midi technology is so accesible these days,
>it seems logical that there sould be some way to enable musican to
>convert their old analog devices to be controled vie digital interface.
>we're at the age of midi control.
>actualy its not a bad idea to start a kind of a business...
>like maybe do it yourself...
>-why wait for futher upgrades in the program if you can modify it
>by yourself?
>-why buy the modulation modeler if you can convert your analog devices
>to be controled via midi?
>-whats wrong in connecting analog technology with the opertunities of
>digital accurat control?
>looper, feel free to enrich use with your well appriciated knowlede,
>experience and ideas.
>am0as ;9)-
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