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David Torn site stuff

Hi all,

Speaking of Torn interviews ..

I've put up version 1.0 of a wee web thingy I'm calling "degrees of torn"
that allows you to partake in a computer version of that musical
train-spotting passtime where you link David Torn to Ani DiFranco in 4
steps (anyone?). This version is Netscape only, but I hope to get it
working for IE soon. You'll need Layers and JavaScript 1.2 .. full details
and instructions posted over at davidtorncell @ yahoo. Hopefully the next
version will also let you add associations, so if that short-lived live
incarnation of some obscure band isn't there, you can add it in !

click on the logo to get in, then click on the "DT" icon .. it's on that

the torn club @ yahoo, the message titled "degrees of torn" has full

so go on, win the respect of your friends and family and pets with your
knowledge of band line-ups :-)

best regards,