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Re: Interesting...

Larry Tremblay wrote:
> That's why "Music is frozen architecture" is one of my favorite
> musical quotes.

James Pokorny wrote
> I believe the quote is attributed to Goethe, but I always had some
> with the idea, such as what happens when it defrosts?, what is "liquid"
> architecture?, etc.  ;-)

Maybe I'm missing something here, but shouldn't the quote be:
"Architecture is like frozen music"?

Not only does this make more sense to me - stating that an architect draws
from the same source as the musician, but in a more concrete (no pun
intended) and less dynamic  form - but I'm fairly certain that I've heard 
this way before. I thought the purpose of the quote was to raise
architecture to the already highly-esteemed level of music.

Could just be me though, to each his own and all that,
-- Mango --