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RE: Interesting...

LOL. Yep, sure does. That was the point. I'm not *totally* 
insulated from the irony of my own statements, you know.

** okay. i guess the problem is that you come off that way . . . while
possibly not allowing others that latitude.

BTW, note that Andrews (a scientist) says "the universe is 
more *like* music than matter". He did not say that the 
universe is more likely music than matter. Now that would be
mumbo-jumbo. :)

** i think that the sentiment that i picked up on stands

True, there's no definitive "proof" per se, only shades of understanding,
given the complexity of the subject under study - the human brain. ;)

** or the universe? i think that it may be easier to understand the human
brain that it is the universe around us . . .

by the way, have you noticed how string theory seems to be approaching some
of the mystical traditions? i also seem to recall that many physicists have
been ardently religious . . . (not that i am, mind you)