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Re: Interesting...


Todd Madson wrote:
> Interesting discussions regarding music, cosmology, religion, and
> music being a cell, a microcosm of the macrocosm.
> All I know is that in various musica situations time has seemed to
> stand still and it feels like you're flying in a dream or something.
> I've read that Fripp says once you experience that, you'll do almost
> anything to get back to that.
> I can see why.  You can't plan it or force it to happen, it just does.
> Anyone experience this?  In looping too.  Sometimes you stop thinking
> and just interact with the loop and a piece just sort of generates
> itself.

Yup, both with and without drugs ;-) And you *can* plan and force it, it
just takes time and dedication. This is called magick or mysticism, and
there are many, many systems that train how to do it: Zen, Taoist
Internal Alchemy, various forms of Yoga, Tai Chi, the Sacred Magic of
Abramelin the Sage, etc.

Rev. Doubt-Goat