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RE: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

Yeah, it's about time people started talking about the real side of 
Someone said we talk too much about the equipment and the elements that go
into what we do, but seldom do we talk about the effects, the nature of 
we do.  I've already talked about it so I won't inflict my thoughts on the
list again; however, I like to see other folks go at it-- in more ways than

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  | << Just
  |  trying to clarify, for if a discussion about musical loops,
  | their practice
  |  and ability to communicate with a listener is specious, then
  | surely this
  |  list is pointless. >>
  | i like that word "specious"..........ill have to look it
  | up..........:)............also, really wonderful to be reading
  | posts about
  | something other than equipment.......thanks............michael