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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Mystics and religionists have been making fools of
> themselves and killing each other off for centuries
> in the name of their gods. They sure don't need any
> help from us godless humanists.
> ** agreed  . . . but, for that matter, people have killed each other in
> name of non-religion and rational enlightenment as well. (possible cf.
> the reign of terror post french revolution). very rational and
> people killed millions in stalin's and hitler's day (though some would 
> that hitler saw himself as a mystic - - and as the focus of a new

I eally hate to sound like a know-it-all, but...
If you read your history again, the French Revolution was *not* rational,
or a product of enlightenment thinking in the same way as the American
Revolution, and note the different results. The fatal flaw was the
irrational notion of Egalitarianism, or equality, which is the opposite
of Freedom and individualism. It's also nonsense to hold up Stalin and
Hitler as rational and non-religious - Hitler was Catholic (never
excommunicated, BTW) and a deep Mystic - into the whole Spear of Destiny
thing. Stalin was a Russian Orthodox man to the end too. Both Communism
and Nazism are irrational quasi-religious beliefs which simply substitute
'Society' for 'God' in the tyranny equation set down by the monarchs who
came before them.

> Live and let live, I say, but don't let an untruth slip
> by. Integrity requires it.

> ** truth . . . what IS truth? i see a person's truth based on his/her
> system. sorry, i don't believe in absolutes; <snip>

No absolutes huh? Jump off a skyscraper someday. Gravity's a bitch.

- Larry (the reluctant know-it-all) :)