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RE: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Mystics and religionists have been making fools of
> themselves and killing each other off for centuries
> in the name of their gods. They sure don't need any
> help from us godless humanists.

Purportedly these same foolish religionists and mystics were our first 
loopers: drumming, chanting, droning....I think it's pretty cool we've been
looping that long- for whatever reason.
Unfortunately (or, in some cases, perhaps fortunately), we've been killing
each other off since we've been able to lift a rock or a club, but let's 
throw out the baby with the bath-water...

> Live and let live, I say, but don't let an untruth slip
> by. Integrity requires it.

My original post included a quote I simply found interesting- my intention
was not to be dogmatic. Since we really don't know the nature of the
universe, I fail to see how these ideas are 'untruths' or lack integrity.

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