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RE: Music in Spain


Not sure about specific "off the wall" music, but Barcelona is one of the
coolest cities in the world (IMHO) And I can recommend you searching out a
very strange bar called the "Bar Marseille" (I think) its in one of the 
streets to the south of the "Ramblas", near to the docks, I think near to
the new Modern Art Gallery. Why should you see it? Its just very weird!
Strange folk music, Drag Acts/performers, but in a very traditional 
In fact the bar has been given special permission to serve "Absinthe", the
illegal (in most countries) drink of Artists, poets and Musicians in times
gone by. A very seedy yet facinating evening out...You'll love it!

Beware tho the area is ...umm ...not a very good one, best go in a group!

MArk Red,

> > Leaving for Madrid and Barcelona later this week for some R&R.
> Anyone know
> > any good places to hear off the wall musci in either of these places?
> >
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