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Howdy loopers.
    This is a really long mail but i really need your help deciding what 
buy. An advance thank you to all who read this and triple plus thanks to 
those who respond with help. Hope someday i can help some of you or maybe 
the next generation of loopers.

   Here is a description of where i am coming from and where i want to 
go...aka the project.

   I am a vocal percussionist [human beatbox] and an art student...so far 
have been working completely un-amplified. I have been working on my 
and developing a vocabulary of sounds. I percuss for two college a 
groups and for myself in live solo vocal drum and bass type stuff. The 
stuff has been fun and educational...but i really can't get a full-on 
going. Because I only have one set of lungs and one pair of lips I can 
make so many noises simultaneously. Everything has been a single solo line.

   I have decided that looping is the best way for me to build layered 
soundscapes/pieces. I would lay down the bass/base beat start it looping 
then add more layers.

   A simple three line visual score might look something like this (if the 
formatting keeps together from mail to mail). The letter groups represent 
different patterns as opposed to individual sounds and rhythms.
misc             ooooooo   ooooooo ppppp  qqqq qqqqqqqqqq
snare/hi-hat       ddd    dddd eeee fffff               ffffff
bass line    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx yyyyyyy yyy zzzzzz     xxxxx

   Here is my problem. The lines need to be independant. What i mean by 
independant is this: separately adjustable. I should be able to take out 
change the bass line without affecting any of the other lines.

   I was originaly just imaging digital delay pedals with a long 
delay...pedals would be great...three mics running to different pedals 
(separately adjustable)....running to a mixer where they could be 
individualy EQed. But pedals don't have a long enough delay and they tend 
    The Boomerang was suggested and in my search for info on it i found 
looper's delight. I have looked at info on all the different things and 
figured out this much: even with all the equipment available i still 
probably need three separate pieces of equipment. I can accept that. Now i 
just need to figure out what. My requirements are: at least 10 seconds of 
loop (12-15 would be nice)....easily adjustable (something like a 
with dials).....under $250.00 per (i'd probably start with one)....i don't 
need fancy features (emulated delays...reverse...etc) because i want the 
sounds as "live" and clean as possible, but i wouldn't mind if there were 
knobs and things i never used.

  right now i am considering the following.
  Line6 DL4 pedals (i am leaning towards this one)
  Akai Headrush (but why would i need four outs)
  Discontinued 30sec Boomerangs (this MIGHT be best)

  i'd like to know more about the
  DJRND2 (designed for turntables but possibly one of these might get 
to what i need....but probably not)

  If anyone has any thoughts on this at all please respond.
  If i am unclear and you want to help but don't understand what the hell 
am talking about please let me know.

  CCs to my account couldn't hurt if possible.
  Thank you all.

  Seth Davis - vocal percussionist and ninja turtle collector.
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