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Re: new mp3 loopping

Yeah, I can see what the rev means about the lapse in sync.  It's a little 
to listen to.  It seems to correct itself, but comes back later.  It's one
thing when a live drummer pushes the beat, and the band follows.  It can 
be a
great thing.   When a machine is not synched to another machine, it's just
wrong in the worst way.  Other than that, I like it.

"Taaffe, Denis G" wrote:

> Hello Loopers,
>         I have a new mp3 that can be heard at
> http://www.mp3.com/denis_taaffe . It's called zxmoto_mp3 . It's a live 
> from a solo electric gutiar show I did. Just one guitar, guitar loops and
> drum machine. no synth's, bass, samplers, midi guitar,etc... were used. 
> lots of guitar loops done on the fly. Let me know what you think if you
> would . I would appreciate any comments.
> Thanks
> Denis
> Denis Taaffe
> denis_aliengtr@geocities.com
> http://www.dtguitar.com

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