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Re: New Lexicon Reverb...MPX 500

loopers, pedro...

i am thinking about buying one, but i donow what
Sould be better, a used mpx1 for around 500$ or the new mpx500 unit for 
i basicly love the user friendly features on the 500, they realy inpress 
and inspires me since i want it only for live stuff.

after checking out the mpx 1 in the store today i can't realy tell
you that i got even a basic idea about the difference between these two 
it seems like the mx500 is designed for more for a concept of live
music in which the unit serves more as an instument, going from mix's 
to seperat mix channel(s) and effect the texture much more,than the mpx1 
a passive send return thing.

in the 500, the accesability of the parameters is impressive, but i donow 
basicly i can do the same with the mpx 1 through a midi bord.  ??????????
does someone know something about it ?

i like the the daul fature too. i did'nt try it yet but as far as i 
understood you can basicly use it as two seperat monos for for two 

i am thinking of getting it and it's gonna be my first reverb processor.
being my first processor, i have doubts thinking about mybe getting less 
expensive mpx 100...
in general i can say that i like more cutting sound like dely and don't 
the idea of reverb, for pad-ing i would use normaly an infinite delay loop 
of a volume controled chord from my guitar.
but i feel right now a neccesiy for a wider and more compex underlyere 
the thing is that the 500 serves as a substitution
for a analog rotary and tremolo sound as well as
a looper(small tie but better than the mpx1)
a good reverb sound...
dual processing.


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