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the trumpet

A looped horn is a beautiful thing. Check out Chet Baker
on the new archive release by Terry Riley, Music for the Gift,
(organ of corti 1). It seems like looped trumpet started here!

There's also some looped sax on some old Terry Riley
recordings, I think. I need a new needle for
my turn table.

guys, maybe you should check out the hagans\belden new (not that new 
realese of kinda beaches brew version over d&b.
guitaris's rosenwibnkel amazing new concept of a jazz giutar sound
and drummer's kilson playing with the programed drums.
it's not a looping though but it is a new new sound we all should be 
of (all of us, as far as i know,would appriciate and love hearing 
new commnig for the inastetutionalized blue not foundation.)
anyway the production's real amazing, for me anyway, and the hole idea
of jazz improvisation over more modern musical platform is so new and
intewresting ...
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