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non related content: S/PDIF

hi friends !

        Assistence would be gratefully accepted !

        I own a soundcard, that has optical and coaxial
        S / PDIF digital input / output. 

        I think these siglas means Sony Philips
        Digital Interface (?). Does anyone know what 
        differences exist between this and other common 
        coaxial digital input / ouputs ?
        Are they physical or just another protocol ?

        May anyone has any experience about 
        recording on DAT's or minidisc's and 
        passing the info. using these sort of
        digital interfaces to the computer ?
        Also, could you advise me about some,
        not too expensive, DAT or minidiscs, 
        that would do the trick ?       

        Any thoughts on the SCMS and this
        configuration ? Also, domestic units
        equiped with S / PDIF in / out 's 
        would permit to lead the dig. info. 
        to the hard disk in the computer? 

        Thanks in advance, and excuse my poor level
        in english.


p.s. I think that non-related inputs in a themed list are vital for it.


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