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While I was away... (echoplex?)

Hey all,

I've been away from the list for a while, but when I last was subscribing,
there was all kinds of talk about Gibson re releasing the Echoplex.  Don't
tell me... it didn't happen.  Did it?  Did anyone release a looping device
that synchs to MIDI like the Echoplex, or the JamMan?  Have we been totally
forgotten by the music industry?

What's a little frightening to me is that I've developed a way of playing
that totally relies on a piece of gear that just isn't made anymore. (I'm
sure that writing this has psychically beamed a message to my cat to 
my JamMan)  Scary, eh?

Mark Sottilaro
Professional Publications, Inc.
1250 Fifth Ave, Belmont CA 94002
Multimedia Production
E-mail:  msottilaro@ppi2pass.com