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Re: EDP Loop dumps

Luis Angulo wrote:

> Hello there,
> I am still trying to figure out the best way to nicely record the loops 
> the EDP into a digital studio like the Roland VS 840. Taking the mono 
> from the EDP into the input from the Roland is quite noisy. I donĄt have 
> sequencer offcourse.Anyone?
> L.A.

i use a preamp and compressor before the inputs on my VS880. art makes a 
nice little mic pre (tube mp) for about us$100, which has the added 
benefit of
warming up your signal with a 12ax7 tube; compression in the roland units
(assuming you have the effects card) is pretty lame; i generally run stuff
through a joemeek vc6 for squishing. i like the joemeek stuff a lot (green 
one of my favorite colors :-)

lance g.