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Re: OT: MusicYo / Spirit GT-Pro View Point

I agree, it's not the real deal Steiny, but I like mine very much for the

After the first posting about MusicYo, they ran out of GT-Pros (eventually
they ran out of all the Spirits except for one model of bass before they
got them back in.) When they re-stocked, I noticed the price had gone up 20
or 30 bucks, but it was still a good deal. My order took about three days,
arriving a couple of days before Christmas, so that was pretty impressive.

The best string source I've found if your friendly local guy won't/can't
stock them is <http://www.juststrings.com/>. That's also where I get
strings for my bouzouki, saz, cumbus, oud, lap steel, etc.; it's worth a
look. They also have prompt, efficient service.


At 01:20 PM 1/29/00 EST, you wrote:
>    Whoever it was that first posted the bit about Music Yo selling
>Steinbergers for less than $260.00 many thanks!.... (snip)
>  ....      Lee-ohki.