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Re: NAMM Meet at Line 6 Booth (4021)?

I'll just look for the people drooling over the DL-4s <g>

Seriously, we do expect the booth to be fairly crowded, but I'll be glad
to meet anybody who pops up.


Kim Flint wrote:
> >Kim and other NAMM attendees,
> >
> >Why not meet at George's booth on Saturday, 2:00pm?
> >George was nice enough to invite us to his booth
> >and since he can't get away from his booth, why not
> >meet at Line 6 Booth, #4021?
> >
> >Should we have a "secret" sign so we can identify
> >our fellow loopers?  Hehehe.
> It would be better to choose a smaller, unpopular company, but I guess we
> could all wander around awkwardly asking the various guitar wankers 
> out pods: "uh, you a looper?"
> sure, line 6 then.....
> >Curbie
> >
> >P.S.
> >Kim, will Mathias be attending NAMM.  It would be
> >a great treat to meet him.
> Matthias won't be there this time. He would love it if you flew down to
> Brazil though. Lie in a hammock at his nice little country villa, play 
> music with the lovely brazilians....much nicer than namm.
> kim
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