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EDP Mix knob

The Mix knob on my EDP has very suddenly become very
wobbly.  It's showing every
intention of breaking off completely.  I looked inside the
box to see if it was simply a
loose nut or something.  But no.  The stem of the knob is
loose inside of the housing itself.
Any suggestions on a way to address this?  What should it be
replaced with?  I suppose
there is a higher quality item out there?  The mechanism is
soldered to a circuit board,
which makes me nervous about tackling myself.  Would a
general sort of music
electronics repair person be able to fix this?  Anyone know
of a good recommendation in
the Twin Cities?  (I had a bad experience with the Good Guys
in St. Paul.....)
    I think you get the essence of my gist....
    Gary Joyner