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Akai S1000

Has anyone had the chance to play with an Akai S1000?

Marketing blurb:
"The S1000 is a proven top-of-the-class 16 bit digital sampler. It has
become the professional's
choice due to its studio quality 16 bit sound, intelligent design, large
easy to view screen
display, and ease of operation. The S1000 is capable of recording up to 190
seconds of stereo
sampling time (at 44.1 kHz sampling rate) by adding the optional 32 
RAM. It also offers some of the most advanced editing capabilities 
including time
compression/ expansion, sample merge and crossfad ing, autolooping and much
more. Expan
sion options include a digital interface and an SCSI interface for
connecting up to hard disks, CD ROMs, or a large capacity magneto optical
disk drive. *16 bit linear sampling, 44.1 kHz/22.05kHz sampling frequency
20Hz 20kHz "

Sounds like a mad machine, but I wonder if it's usefull real-time or
just in the studio.. Any comments?