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Re: NAMM & the new Plex

Robert van der Kamp wrote:
> Claude Voit wrote:
> > as I understand it from various chats on LD there is _no_ new plex
> > same hardware but software upgrade
> Ouch. 16 bit AD/DA is..., well, dated. Soundwise, I mean.
> New software? Okay, a stereo plex in one unit. :-)
> Or would that mean new hardware? Hmm.
input---output that's mono and that's all I guess

lets just hope that at one time soon one big manufacturer understands
this visionary
music tool and upgrades the idea for y2k ---insert your specs dreams

as an user I can tell that even with what we have today be prepared for
a long and passionate learning of this tool/instrument
its a deep deep mirror with a lot of rabbits in there