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Re: whats the effect, kenneth? (OT)

>mark givens wrote:
>> dear list: whats the best pedal for creating the shimmering sound of
"Whats the FREQUENCY KENneth "off of REM 's Monster lp.  As you can see im
buying a lot of fx.  I likeddidcated pedals instead of all in one deals
becaose i like knobs. I like my whammy though but one is enough . Im 
at the Ibanez chorus flange modulator next($69 at musiciansfriend.com. Any

>and lance glover replied:
>as was previously noted, this is a tremelo effect. (snip)
>...i don't know what's out there in tremelo-modelling land these days, but
i would think someone would have taken the time to digitally cop this
classic effect by now.

..and I add, still off-topic:
    1) The Roger Mayers high-priced trem box (sorry, I forgot the name) 
do multiple trems with a variety of wave shapes. The secret ingredient is 
access a square wave - that's the shape of your volume going on-off-on-off.
    2) Another great amp with a wicked good "hard on-off" trem is the old
Ampeg guitar amp line; the Gemini I , II and VI were staples of the sixties
garage band scene here on Lawn Guyland New Yawk.
    3) The Roland GT-3 effects processor (besides being so stupidly good I
get nothing done these days besides plug in, tweak and loop) has a powerful
multi-rhythm trem-like effect in it called "Slicer". If it comes out in a
seperate pedal, it could fit Mark's bill.
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster