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Re: Acoustic guitar looping and feedback problems


find a way to to close the hole (sorry I forgot the right word)
its a sort of plastic disc that closes the hole with a spring system
there are several companies that do that Ovation and Yamaha (your local
dealer or a newsgroup can help)

As I play a real beaten up Ovation I just use two or three layers of
gaffer tape 

It will improve the feedback limit a lot but you'll easily understand
there might be a limit


Tiktok World HQ wrote:
> I've been pl`ying out with `n `mplified `coustic recently, `nd I'm 
>runninginto feedb`ck problems once I get ` loop built up.  I've tried eq, 
>ph`serevers`l `nd ch`nging my spe`ker pl`cement, but it's still ` 
>problem.Anyone h`ve `ny experience with the S`bine or Beringer 
>feedb`ckextermin`tors, or h`ve `ny other suggestions?TH