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DL4 comments - How does it switch on?????

OK this may be a stupid question but I'm confused on the most basic
funstion of the DL4 delay.

We all now know that there are three preset switches A, B, and C. These
store memory locations of preset delay settings and can be from any of
the delay types.

Check this out:

So let's say I have a analog delay in A, a digial lo res delay in B, and
a reverse echo in C.

I want to play a lick, turn on the unit to the tube echo, and turn it
off again. I set the delay type to tube echo and plug in all the cables
and start playing. The solo comes up and I press ...


If I press A, B, or C to turn on the unit it calls up one of the presets
none of which are tube echo.

Is it possible for me to turn on the pedal and turn it off again without
calling up one of the presets???

With all the delay types in there I am going to want to do this often.  

Also, what happens when you call a preset up and then adjust the
settings? My understadning is this then turns the preset into the delay
type that is dialed in. While this is a nice feature I don't often have
the chance to use my hands with a stompbox or get down on the floor
while playing guitar. Is there a way to bypass the presets entirely and
have the unit play what it's dialed up to do?

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