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RDS samples [was Re: Digitech RDS questions]

On or around 08:05 PM 12/7/99 -0800, Scott A. Martin said:
>>> The online manual says that "in longer delay times...the LFO will make
>>>sounds that are not normally useful in music," so I know y'all must have
>>>tried it. =)
>>Yes, quite frequently.  I can provide sound samples if you'd like; they
>>range anywhere from "oooh, I'm on nitrous" to "who thought that was a 
>>idea" to "exactly what did you do that signal path', particularly if you
>>run a couple delay units with that era LFO together. 
>Great!  Please put 'em up!

Here's two examples.

The first is relatively boring; I threw a quick nasty loop into my RDS 3.6
and hit hold.  I walk through the various non-destructive permutations of
the LFO (there are quite a few sounds; I just go for "representative") in
relation to the loop.

Sound file: http://www.realm-of-shade.com/temp/rds-36-sample-lfo-loop.mp3
(2.1 mb)

The second is what you can do with other 80s el-cheapo rack units in
conjunction with one of the RDS delays.  For this example, I used my trusty
ebow into my Fender Deluxe 112's distortion channel, with a Boss DE-200
rack delay running serial into an RDS 3.6 and out again.  At times, I loop
both units and layer on top with the ebow, and with a little effort, some
amusing live sounds can be gotten for a very low price.

Sound file:
http://www.realm-of-shade.com/temp/rds36-de-200-ebow-distortion.mp3 (3.5 

Hope that helps you out.

the Reverend Rob    ICQ: 1280871