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Re: It's and Its

a bit new at the game here. please inform me on what the 'digest'  is.
got a letter from kim as well. he was pissed. i thought i was being
funny. can't imagine little ol' me bringing  your 'digest' to a halt.
please inform me of the rules here so i don't repeat this mistake
elsewhere. when you all were scrapping earlier this month as to what was
appropriate and what was not appropriate about subject matter ect. i
almost wittily posted my newest play, 'Benny's God' in long form. me
thinking that would be funny apparently would have melted the empire
down. glad i chose not to. i don't respond too often, mostly i watch and
read. i've asked occasional questions and have sent a few, hopefully,
helpful notes back on topic. i am a career working musician of 14 years.
i'll be 33 dec. 13th. still learning all the time. again, please send me
the rules and also explain the 'digest'. excuse my not knowing these
things if you will. no hard feelings.

peace my looper fiends, peace ...
jimmy george

if you want here is one of my new little url's.
http://ww3.bigjam.com/home.htm   after the front page loads in, hit
'bands' on the left. move your mouse to the middle and as the names load
in hit, jimmy george. on my page at the bottom hit odysseys in black.
you will hear this composition which has some of my triggered looping on
guitar. they might have a web cast of mine archived from this page as
well. this may personalize me a bit more to you. my main site,
www.jimmygeorgearts.com is currently having problems, once up again you
may hear my whole album, 'my favourite animal, if you wish. also i have
a new full length disk, 'more words that make it hard to sleep', a
double live disk, 'live from lizard central' and three live performance
videos we filmed on dvd opening for; santana at the dallas starplex aug.
1, tom petty also at the dallas starplex sept. 16th, and the 'nixons' at
lucy's retired surfers bar oct. 22, that will all be released and
available by late january.

loop on fiends, loop on ...

jimmy george

Tim Nelson wrote:

> Well, there's a nice 12K for the digest...
> At 12:50 AM 12/9/99 -0600, you wrote:
> >itsitsits.... etc