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Re: shorter looping times [was Re: Tim Reynolds]

I find my Korg SDD-1000 (2048 ms max) quite useful for short loops in my
mixer's aux 2, with footswitches for hold and bypass. (Aux 1 is the 
One thing I like to do with the Korg when it's got a good loop going is to
send it to the other looper to overdub onto a longer loop, freeing up the
SDD-1000 for a new short loop or for duty as a non-looping delay. This is
nothing new to EDP users with your Multiply function, and there's a lot
less control my way, but it does the trick. It generally works better when
one of the loopers is handling a more rhythmic part and the other is a
texture-type thing, since they're non-synchronous. Using the two
independently is a little more forgiving in lieu of a genuine UNDO. (OK,
I'll admit it! I wish I had a maxed EDP!)

I also have a DD-3 on the floor, but find it a lot more appropriate to use
it as a regular delay than trying to do the one-footed tap dance to hold.
What I used to do with the DD-3 involved an L-screw (I'm not sure what it's
really called; it looks like an allen wrench with a threaded
point...)screwed down into my pedalboard next to the DD-3. While holding
the pedal down, a quarter turn of the L-screw latches the DD-3 into hold
mode so you don't have to keep your foot on it. The downside is you've got
to unlatch it to make it stop. The Korg's a lot easier.

Anyone else using short loopers either by themselves or in conjunction with
longer ones?

Tim (not that one...)

At 05:34 PM 12/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 05:59 PM 12/7/99 -0600, X-ray wrote:
>>>>I'm having trouble grasping that Tim does all his looping with a
>>2->>second hold.  Is that all he uses?
>>I'm as amazed as you, but yeah that's it.
>All I use is a Digitech 3.6 and a Boss DE-200 (1200 ms hold max), hooked
>generally in serial.