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DL4 expression pedals

I have a couple of silly questions folks.  I'm awaiting the arival of my
DL4, but the Line 6 expression pedal was not available at the time of my
purchase.  I'm aware that a Roland EV5 pedal will also work with the DL4.
Is there anybody out there who could compare the Line 6 pedal to the EV5 in
terms of its use with the DL4 (that was way too many model numbers wasn't
it?)??  The pic of the Line 6 expression pedal on their newly redesigned
website does not look like it allows very much travel.  Price is not a big
concern as I've located some reasonably priced used EV5s.  Not a huge
difference in price either way I go.  Also (and this is VERY nit-picky), 
long is the cable that is supplied with the Line 6 pedal???  If at all
possible I would prefer not to have yards of unused, unecessary cable
length.  Thanks everyone.

I tried asking Line 6 about that last one but I can never get through on 
phone, and their tech support email address is no longer on the website