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Re: what I think is a cool idea for the EDP (unfortunately, I will probably never own one)

M T wrote:
> Here's an idea for the edp rev. software:
> If the edp could support loading digital audio loops via midi (probably 
> possible, I think) 

You can do it by midi sample dump but its soo slow 

>or via another port, someone else could write a program to
> store audio loops in banks of 9 (not to exceed 198 seconds).  Then you 
> load the edp with a particular bank of samples in the memory you weren't 
> to use to loop. Or you could download loops you particularly liked into 
> bank software for later use.  It would make the edp twice as cool (the
> hard-core loopers might disagree).

This is a new generation of hardware 

every thing from there is possible....

> Of course, I'd be happy if I could get my hands on the old one.
> MT
Every body here thinks you'll get one