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Re: prayer loops

I think that some distinction is to be made between the ACT of
repetition(ie.chanting,drumming,mantra,funk bass playing;))and the
trance induction caused by listening to non-manual repetition. When I'm
continually aware of a loop I just played ,I re-create it in my
awareness and it can lead to one of the "goals" of repetitive
meditation;namely the insight that nothing can be repeated.The universe
is in a constant state of creative flux.If on the other hand, I ignore
the loop it can become a lifeless "thing" in my awareness without much
unfoldment creatively or spiritually.I go into a healing trance(not a
bad idea)But,don't nessessarily become more present or creative.This
goes for Prayer Wheels and Echoplexes.
The dance of creativity,contemplation and trance is what I love the most
about looping...
                          Scott Kungha Drengsen