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Re: safe journey

Actually, YR is not his first album.  His first album (recently reissued on
Cunieform) is a self titled disc I believe and includes the fantastic
Hendrix-esque "How do you like my Buddha?"  The rest of the album is far
less successful than the later records (IMO) featuring many synth
experiments and other things.  I believe this record is actually a college
project sort of deal.  

YR is definitely the best starting point in my opinion, but Safe Journey is
also fantastic.


Anyone heard the record that followed after CHO?

>any of the major on line stores should have it (amazon, CD NOW, etc). you
>should also check out steve's first LP (on CD) called "yr". this is an
>amazing record as well. when it was reviewed (by me, actually) in the
>rolling stone record guide, we gave it 5 stars!