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Re: cd duplication

We live in Austin and for short run duplication we have used "Lubbock or 
It". They are very reasonably priced, quick and professional. Pricing 
with length of cd and number of copies.Our most recent cd was 43 minutes 
and it
cost $7.50 each for three. It drops a lot for more than 10. Talk to 

Melody Taylor and Jimmy George

"Mr. Tough" wrote:

> If there isn't someone offering that service in the local independent
> newspaper ads, then you'd probably have some luck just puting an ad up at
> your local music store or indie record store. Chances are, there's some 
> (or lady) near you who has a CD burner, and could use a few xtra bucks. 
> make sure you keep a copy of your master and pay on delivery.
> I know of a few professional duplicators that will do some small
> duplications (down to 1 CD). Unfortunately, as the run gets smaller with
> them, the price per CD goes up exponentially. It gets to be as much as 
> per CD for tiny runs.
> On the other hand, a friend of mine in San Diego shelled out the money 
>for a
> music oriented computer a few years ago. He got a big hard drive, nice 
> card, CD burner, etc...  He then combined it with his existing recording
> equipment (8 track, mixer,& monitors). Once he learned how to use it, he 
> able to quit his job and make a living for himself mastering and 
> CD's for other artists.
> Mr. Tough
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> >is there a service anywhere that does small run cd duplication, as 
>small as
> >25 copies?............thanks............michael
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