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Holy Cow!

Scott Martin talked about the Steinberger strat-shaped series at

You're right.  They are $199 with gig bag for the standard model.

Yow!  It'd make a great portable guitar (i.e. dragging it around
or on vacation will be very simple).  I always go up north and
would not have room to drag the road cases of my other guitars
along.  Cool!

I don't care if they are white (a lingering memory of the last Tangerine
Dream show I saw was Edgar Froese playing a white GM series during his
wailing guitar solo spot, so that's cool).

I guess I'll unload a bunch of stompboxes and/or CDs I've tired of 
listening to to get one.  I wasn't prepared to get a new guitar right
about now sadly.  But I don't want to get rid of any of the others I
have either.