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RE: digital errors?

On writing data CDRs (including burning music via computer--Toast, Jam,
etc.):  material I have read indicates that 2X speed is always preferred,
and is even more reliable than 1X speed.  Though I don't know a checksum
from my ass, my experience bears this out, and a co-worker at my job who
burns CDRs all day agrees.  For whatever it's worth.

David Myers

>Mmm, He's right you know, as far as I know you should ALWAYS copy audio
>CD's at single speed, the spoddy reason for this is that CD audio is
>unsynchronised data. Data cd's on the other hand have checksums which
>the drive uses to tell whether it read the data correctly or not, so
>with data it keeps reading that part of the disk until it gets it right,
>and then it writes it to the target, but with audio it'll just read it,
>& then write whatever it thought it just read introducing errors,
>especially if you multiply the speed up.
>Here's a suggestion……Why don't you make a digital image, ie a datafile,
>of your CD with one of these CD creation programs & keep that as your
>master, then you can burn 1st Gen copies from here to eternity…..
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