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Re: digital errors? (CD Dupes) OT

Alot of Hi-Speed Dupers will advertise 8X write speed, but they are always 
more accurate when you select a slower speed (Adaptec Toast has this as an 
option).  One machine in particular that I used (can't remember the name) 
would copy straight from a master CD to (8) copies....it also had in 
hard drive (1 Gig).  We were getting an occasionally unplayable CD and 
numerous tech support calls we spoke to the guy that actually built it 
on the Looper's Delight List!!).  He explained that errors when READING at 
Hi-Speed from the master were then compounded when WRITTEN at Hi-Speed to 
copies, often adding up to unrecoverable errors.
When you play a CD, you are constantly hearing errors that are being 
off by Error Correction Codes.  Digital Copies are NOT identical....even 
very expensive equipment.  We found that sticking to BASF, Quantegy or 
Gold (they actually make alot of BASF and Quantegy CD's) gave much better 
results than the cheap CD's you get for $10 for a 10 pack!  Surprise.....
John Painter
<A HREF="http://www.flemingandjohn.com">flemingandjohn.com</A>