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Re: digital errors?

i first convert them the audio to wav file with WinDAC from an audio cd 
version(my HD is too small to just have a whole CDs worth of stuff just 
sitting there, especially since ihave alot of htem)
then using the CD creator, i burn it to a cd
before, i use to lose alot of cds(that wouldnt play at all)but i adjusted 
some of the properties and it burns fine so far(besides the clicks)
now ive gone through so many generations its hard to tell wether i just 
had a 
bad recording once and the clicks are just being copied all the time, or 
everytime i do it, it gets worse
and since the music itself is rather sparse, and repetative(looping)its 
like i can listen and remember where the clicks are at
as far as the main cd on which ive noticed this, ive come to enjoy the 
each one cuts out a certain amount of the audio, so there are things on 
that i couldnt do on my own
i just dont want this to happen to another cd where this would not be 


<< When you made multiple copies of the CD, did you create them all from 
 hard drive? Or did you create a 'master' CD and then copy them from that?