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Re: digital errors?

I too have experienced periodic pops and clicks in my CD copies. I believe
it is relative to speed, system resource usage, and medium. When I made
copies off of CD's via my old CD-ROM which was 8X speed, I experienced lots
of annoying pops. Since I've upgraded to 36X speed, I've experienced far
better performance. Also, when I converted my music to Wav. files and 
to CDR, I again experienced pops. Since I upgraded RAM, the problem has
lessened. As for medium, I had horrible experiences with lesser named CDR
like "Smart and Friendly". Out of 10, I had 5 CD's that had errors when I
tried to format (data) to be CD-ROM readable. Thus, I can only read them 
my recorder. I've had pretty good fortune with TDK.
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Subject: digital errors?

> after copying some of my improv stuff(looping)to cds ive noticed some
> peculiar stuff
> i only own copies of copies of my originals(the originals were on my HD
but i
> erased them after i burned them)and the original copies i gave away to
> now i know in analog recording you hvae generation loss, and it can be
> substancial
> but ive noticed alot of digital errors now in the recordings, little
> or skips, some are really noticable
> whats going on here?is it a problem of imperfect media(cdr's)or is
> lost everytime?!
> a friend of mine told me once(i hardly listen to him)programs like WinDAC
> being the best for copying digital audio
> that they go to fast(hence digital erros)??
> and on another list somebody was talking about how his cd masters do not
> sound like the cd copies(in timbre)
> can that be possible if all thats being transfered is 1s and 0s?
> thanks
> rodrigo