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Re: peeploops/Echoplex x 1.1.2K?

Re: peep sync, as opposed to MIDI-or-other-protocol-based slavery -- 
hominids looping simultaneous-like, unlinked but for affinity and 
proximity, works
phenomenally well, and sometimes you jes' have to start over. Isn't that 
one of the
coolest things about looping -- if at first, &c? In my early-90's loop 
Vorticists, we took it as a given that we were going to engage wholly 
(Yiddish for "unwieldy") ratios of loops alongside loops and did we ever 
bring the
m*&@#$f(@($+! ruckus, in lieu of locked start points. If I were playing 
sequences live, this sort of linkability would be more crucial than my 
M.O. of looping (seemingly) endless renditions of my transcription of 
for cor anglais and kick drum. But, you know, that's me...

Now, please to be digging Gibson public relations' reply (finally) to my 
Echoplex" post at their online forum. You will undoubtedly recall that, 
when we
last left our hero product, the Trace Elliot division of Gibson had taken 
over its
manufacture. When might there be a production date? Here's the reply:

"Subject: Re: Echoplex?
Topic: Guitar Questions
Author: Relations@gibson.com
Date: 11/26/99 18:46:44

Trace Elliot has informed me that they hope to have the new Echoplex
out by the first of the year. They have been working very hard to
source quality parts, and to make this version completely bug free.
Believe, we're all exremely anxious to make the Echoplex available
once again, and TE is busting their you-know-whats to get it out.
However, they want to make sure it is going to be a top quality
product, and they don't want to rush out something inferior just to get it 
on the

We do appreciate everyone's patience, and everyone's eagerness to be
able once again to have them on the market.


Hoo hah, he enthused. Anyone know anything more on this?


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