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Re: Utilize the Loopers Site!

At 5:18 PM -0800 11/24/99, Clifford@BienAppraisers wrote:
>     I was noticing how often I find information or  links to
>information through the Loopers site- take a look there from time to
>time yall! I know Kim is open to additions/submissions too-   

yes, that is correct! And I've even added oodles of stuff lately without
bothering to post about it here. You all should surf around a bit if you
haven't been there lately. There is some hot new gear porn, er pics, of
the EH-16 and the original tube echoplex. And there's the Recommended
Reading section of book reviews from the list. And some new stuff in the
Looping tips pages. A headrush review or two, the manual from the old
digitech timemachine. And god knows what else, I was taking a lot of
pain-killers while doing the updates last week....:-)

and I just got an extensive dl-4 review submitted, I guess that will be up
soon as well.

>(Kim, when do I get my money?)   Cliff

How bout if I give you a 5% cut out of my Sonic Foundry ad proceeds? For
the past two months, that would be $0.44! woohoo!


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