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Andre LaFosse CD Now Available

[WARNING: Self-promotional blurb follows immediately]

Hello people --

Not much I can add to the subject: I have an album available.  

This is not an "ambient guitar loop" album...  but every track contains
some Oberheim Echoplex/Lexicon Vortex looping, much of which might even
answer to the general term of "ambient."  This is not a drum & bass
album...  but nearly every track is built of off jungle rhythms, and the
whole project is informed by the genre's fragmented aesthetic.

For those interested, here are some links to sounds which I would
recommend especially for this list:


This is a "looping solo" -- a straight, live Echoplex bit done in one
pass and then placed into the song unedited, brought to you by the
functions "Multiply" and "Insert."  (The sample is an MP3 download).


This is a non-album downloadable remix of a track from the CD.  Aside
from the drum programming, *everything* on this is a guitar.  I'd
particularly point LD readers towards the first EDP loop at the
beginning of the tune, and the second one which comes in around 40
seconds in.  (The sample is a streaming RealAudio G2 track).


An Echoplex-derived loop over some rhythmic backing that almost falls
into ambient territory...at least until the guitar solo comes in.  (This
is an MP3 download).

For more sound samples, info, and a secure server for online ordering,
you can visit my home page:


We now return to your regularly scheduled mailing list.  Oh, and happy

--Andre LaFosse